Vertical Boilers
Vertical Super Boilers Areas of Usage
These boilers can be used in various places where considerable amount of water heater needed such as villa, house, apartment, hospital, school, factory, hotel and sport center.

Advantages over classic boilers

  • Occupies less space and decorative appearance
  • No need for additional isolation and construction
  • Painted with special solvent-free epoxy color. Therefore, it is resistant to corrosion and store water in hygienic conditions
  • In addition to above item, it provides extra protection via chathodic stick
  • Small volume and perfect isolation provides energy saving while do not using it
  • Creating extra capacity by adding electrical heaters to the boiler system.
  • Getting water heater without heating fluid.

Description of the device
Vertical boilers is a device that enable user to heat water through superheated water, water in heating systems or steam in low pressure with spiral shaped serpentine. According to TSE 416, each device is permitted for heating water circuit up to 180 °C and having up to 25 atü steel pipe heating serpentines.

Temperature- pressure values for boiler serpentine

Permitted heater water temperature
120 C
160 C
180 C

Permitted heater water pressure
18 Atm
16 Atm
15 Atm

According to the gauge pressure of utility water side is fixed to 10 Atm. The boiler cylindrical body and spiral shaped serpentine is hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion.  Boiler body is isolated in all directions, painted with powder coat, and covered with case. The boiler is also designed for electrical heater integration when fluids are not preferable.

In this type boiler, the followings can be integrated to the system:

  • Thermometer with spirals to show temperature
  • Thermostat which commands circulation pump
  • Board, on and off main button
  • On and off button for Thermostat
  • On and off button located board for electrical heater

Boiler Sizes
Vertically produced super boilers can be grouped in 6 different volumes: 80lt, 100lt, 160lt, 200lt, 350lt. and 500lt. The power of optional electrical heater is 300 watt.

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